Terms Of Service

Terms Of Service

This Terms of Service Agreement is a legally contract between DediDrive Networks and its customers who purchase a product from www.DediDrive.net. By using our services you agree that you accept DediDrive Networks terms of service. If you do not agree to all the terms and conditions in this Agreement, then you may not use any of the Services. Failure in following this policy will result in immediate suspension/termination of your account. All actions taken forward will be in sole discretion of DediDrive Networks.

1. Agreement

When client click on “I Agree” and purchase a product from DediDrive Networks, they are agreeing all the policies of DediDrive Networks.

2. Law

DediDrive Networks is located in India and we are required all to comply within the laws and official policies of the Government of India, regardless of where the Services are provided.

3. Ownership

Clients will be required to provide correct and complete contact details in our billing system. DediDrive Networks will contact client for verification of his account, payment details and services will be activated only after providing genuine information. Our clients should keep their direct contact details as default contact. Clients will be held responsible for any actions performed by their account whether done by account holder or by others including members of family, organization or friends.

4. Billing

All services related to DediDrive Networks will be priced in United State Dollars (USD). You will get payment notification 10 days before your service date expiry, depending on the payment term. You should pay on or before your due date of your service, failing in payment will result in service suspension. Shared and Business Hosting services will be provided with a grace period of 15 days to make payment after the due date, VPS and VDS with grace period of 7 days and Dedicated Servers with grace period of 3 days, failing of receiving payment mentioned in this timeline will result in termination of your account and no data will be stored except for Shared and Business Hosting. These rules will be neglected if you provide a written request on your company letter head, with CEO’s signature and company seal, mentioning a valid reason resulted in the delay releasing the payment and an assured date on which you will be releasing the payment. This should be scanned and mailed to billing[at]DediDrive.net five days before the service expiry date.

5. Late payments

We do not impose late fee on any services.

6. Money back Guarantee

DediDrive Networks offer 30 Day money back guarantee for Shared and Business Hosting, this will not include any additional services you purchase with the basic package and will be effective with the basic cost for the service you are subscribed. For VDS/VPS we offer a 7 day money back guarantee, this will not include any additional services you purchase with the basic package and will be effective with the basic cost for the service you are subscribed. We don’t offer Money back guarantee for Dedicated Servers under any circumstances and is not listed anywhere in this website. Money back guarantee is not applicable for any add-on service you purchase from us including software license, control panel license, dedicated IP, server management solutions, domain registrations, domain transfers, domain renewals, SSL certificates, backup services and setup fees.

7. Refund and Order Policy

We don’t offer refund on any services other than the rules mentioned in Money back guarantee policy. But we do offer refund in case of double payment for the same invoice, once verified with our payment gateway/bank. Orders placed by a customer for the first time in our website will be processed only after personal verification process which includes the customer to provide valid government photo ID, proof to show authorization on the payment method used and a phone verification process. Orders will be forwarded to provisioning only after your account is verified. If we receive a chargeback request from our payment gateway, service in question will be suspended without notification.

8. Cancellation

Cancellation of service should be requested 5 days prior to next billing date, this should be strictly followed. Failing this will result in releasing data related to your account unless you pay the fine amount imposed.

9. Refusal of Service

DediDrive Networks reserve rights to refuse service to its client based on a valid reason on violating its policies.

10. Subscription Modification

DediDrive Networks reserve right to modify the packages listed in our website www.DediDrive.net with or without notice.

11. Resource usage

DediDrive Networks follows a strict resource usage policy.

11 a. Shared Hosting Accounts:

Maximum CPU and Memory usage allowed for shared hosting account is 5% of system resources for not longer than 120 seconds. Run stand-alone scripts, server-side processes at any point of time on the server are not allowed. Run any type of web spider, participate in any file-sharing/peer-to-peer activities, and run any gaming servers are also not allowed. You will not be allowed to send more than 100 mails per hour and 250 per day from a single website account. Violating this policy after receiving three warning mails will receive in account suspension.

11. b. VPS Accounts

In case of over usage with a VPS account, three notifications will be send to your mail ID with over usage details depending upon the hardware node load, customers may need to upgrade the service on the third notification or may result in service suspension.

11 c. Bandwidth and Disk Usage

You should not exceed the allocated bandwidth and Disk Space. You will be responsible to pay the extra charges imposed by the management in case of over usage.

11 d. We don’t offer any unlimited packages though our website. Shared Hosting clients will not be allowed to use more than 20GB space for a single website.

11 e. Mailing Limitations

Shared and Business Hosting accounts are limited to send 50 emails per hour and 200 emails a day per hosting account or domain. Accounts violating this will be suspended with or without notification.

12. Uptime Guarantee

DediDrive Networks offers a competitive 99.99% services/network uptime. This will not include the interruption you face due to hardware failure, scheduled maintenance, third-party software failures, DDoS attack, and maximum use of resources by website or client application, issues resulting from script errors, issues related to customer's local ISP, firewall blocks, or any other natural disaster. In case if DediDrive Networks fail to supply the uptime as promised, you should provide us detailed report on the downtime, based on the rules mentioned here. Details should be submitted and request should be processed 10 days before your next billing period. If DediDrive Networks find your reports as correct, you will be provided with credits based on the service you are subscribed. Dedicated Servers will receive only a of maximum 10% credit on the monthly payment, though this depend purely on the downtime you suffered. Credits provided through this process for any service will not be refunded and will be usable only for future services and renewals.

13. Backups

DediDrive Networks provide backup solutions for various hosting plans, and depends solely on the plans you are subscribed. Shared Hosting and Business Hosting plans comes with free R1soft backups. Free backups for VDS/VPS and Dedicated Server are stored locally on the server and provided only if your server is installed with WHM or Plesk as control panel. R1Soft backups for VDS/VPS and Dedicated Servers will be additionally charged. Free remote FTP backups will be provided for WHM and Plesk Servers if you have subscribed for fully managed services.

DediDrive Networks will not responsible for any data loss due to natural disaster or cyber crime. We strictly advise our customer to take backup of their data locally once in a week.

14. IP Addresses

IP addresses assigned by DediDrive Networks are the sole property of DediDrive Networks. Clients cannot retain ownership rights to any IP address assigned by DediDrive Networks. Any client who requires more than 8 IP’s will be required to submit ARIN justification form.

15. Support

DediDrive Networks provide 24/7/365 support for all the clients for all plans subscribed from us. We guarantee a 30 minutes response time for all support and sales queries. We strictly advise clients to contact us through our support helpdesk at http://support.DediDrive.net. We don’t guarantee response for any other methods used by our customers. Our customers can also contact us through live chat or phone, but they are strictly limited for sales and billing enquires, though urgent reboot requests will be processed through live chat or phone.

Scope of support will solely depend on the plan subscribed. We cover all issues related to server, control panel and hardware if our customer is subscribed for fully managed service. Basic management will include basic account setup, dns setup and L1 support issues which can be resolved in 1 hour. Support scope for unmanaged servers will cover hardware issues and reboot requests only. We don’t support any third party software issues or customer application issues. Reseller’s are responsible to provide support for the end customers and we offer support only to our direct customers.

For VDS/VPS we offer unlimited OS reloads, while for dedicated Servers we offer only one free OS reload per month. OS reload charges for dedicated server will cost 75 USD per OS reload. Customers who are not subscribed for fully managed service will be charged 75 USD/hour for any disaster recovery support offered from our end. DediDrive Networks offer free migration only for migration involved between WHM/cpanel to WHM/cpanel servers and Plesk to Plesk Servers.

16. Abuse Issues

DediDrive Networks do not encourage unsolicited email or bulk e-mail from any services you purchase from us and are considered as spam. All such activities will be considered as a violation on this policy and will result in strict actions.

16 a. The sending of Unsolicited Commercial E-mail or Spamvertizing sites or SPAM over our network is completely restricted and any such actions will result in immediate suspension or termination.

16 b. You may not host, or permit hosting of sites or information that is advertised by UCE from other networks. Violations of this policy will result in severe penalties, which include termination of service without a notice.

16 c. Violation of SPAM policy will result in immediate suspension, an immediate investigation within 12-24 hours of notification will be carried out. This will restrict customer to access his account to avoid further misusing of our network. If we found customer violating the policy, DediDrive Networks reserves the right to take any actions including termination of account. In case of any criminal offense DediDrive Networks will notify Law enforcement officials for further investigating.

16 d. We will be notifying clients on abuse/spam issues, its customer’s responsibility to investigate the issue and they should provide details within 24 hours from the time of notification. If investigation is not complete, customers could provide the details they have, within 24 hours and proceed with further investigation for 12 more hours. Failure to respond in 24 hour/36 hour window will result in Account Suspensions and an abuse fee of 100 USD may be charged.

16 e. If the reported email message was solicited, we will require customer to produce the full details of subscription and confirmation information for the complainant's address. DediDrive Networks also want customers to make sure that you use a double opt-in and double opt-out list. Customers also should provide us the confirmation email mail that was sent to the complainant to verify double opt-in and double opt-out.

16 f. Complaints related to "spamvertisements", also requires detailed reports, even if domain is directly not involved and should provide the steps to prevent further abuse.

17. Hosting Contents

DediDrive Networks allows hosting of legal contents in your account. DediDrive Networks will not monitor the content/data stored by its clients on its servers. Contents will only be reviewed upon abuse complaints or security threats detected by our system. DediDrive Networks will be the sole decider on the standard of content hosted on our servers in reference to local, state, national law or this AUP or the Terms of Service. Contents that do not meet these standards will be removed with/without prior notice to the subscriber. Few examples of prohibited contents, software or links include (but not limited to): Warez Sites including linking, Torrent, Copyrighted contents or links ( music, movies, videos), IRC Software, Pirated software, Hacking sites/software, Bombers, Spam scripts, Escrow, HYIP or related sites, Investment sites, Brute Force software, Bank Debentures, Lottery Sites, terrorist contents.

18. Domain Registration

DediDrive Network offers Domains Registrations through www.DediDrive.net. We make sure domain names are registered, transferred, renewed on time. If a registration, renewal, or transfer is not processed when due, it is our customer’s responsibility to contact DediDrive Networks to investigate the issue. DediDrive Networks will not register/transfer/renew domains without receiving the payment. Redemption recovery charges should be paid to restore domains which are gone into redemption period. It’s the sole responsibility of our customers to verify and contact DediDrive Networks before the domain expiry. In case of any dispute on domain ownership, DediDrive Networks need the owner to provide Government Proof of company registration and request on company letter head with seal and signature of CEO.

19. Liability

Under any circumstances DediDrive Networks is not responsible for any damages that happen to you as a person, business, income, and data etc. This will include aftereffects of mistakes from DediDrive Networks, its staff, any third party or actions of nature. It’s our customer’s sole decision to choose DediDrive Networks as their service partner.

20. Changes to Policies

DediDrive Networks reserve the complete right to modify this agreement at any point of time with or without notification. It’s our customer’s responsibility to review contents of this policy on a regular basis.

21. Governing Law

This agreement shall be governed by the laws of Government of India, as applicable.

22. Miscellaneous

All monetary amounts to which this Agreement refers shall be in Indian Rupees.

23. Acceptable Usage Policy

You can view our Acceptable Usage Policy here.