Acceptable User Policy

Acceptable User Policy

Dedidrive Networks Acceptable User Policy is strictly to be followed.

By purchasing a product from you agree that you will obey Dedidrive Networks Acceptable User Policy. Failure in following this policy will result in immediate suspension/termination of your account in question. All actions taken forward will be in sole discretion of Dedidrive Networks. By purchasing a product through Dedidrive Networks, you agree to the follow below policies:

1. Bulk Emailing/Spamming

You agree not to send unsolicited email or bulk e-mail from any services you purchase from us and are considered as spam. All such activities will be considered as a violation on this policy and will result in strict actions.

1 a The sending of Unsolicited Commercial E-mail or Spamvertizing sites or SPAM over our network is completely restricted and any such actions will result in immediate suspension or termination.

2 b. You may not host, or permit hosting of sites or information that is advertised by UCE from other networks. Violations of this policy will result in severe penalties, which include termination of service without a notice.

3 c. Violation of SPAM policy will result in immediate suspension, an immediate investigation within 12-24 hours of notification will be carried out. This will restrict customer to access his account to avoid further misusing of our network. If we found customer violating the policy, Dedidrive Networks reserves the right to take any actions including termination of account. In case of any criminal offense Dedidrive Networks will notify Law enforcement officials for further investigating.

4 d. We will be notifying clients on abuse/spam issues, its customer’s responsibility to investigate the issue and they should provide details within 24 hours from the time of notification. If investigation is not complete, customers could provide the details they have, within 24 hours and proceed with further investigation for 12 more hours. Failure to respond in 24 hour/36 hour window will result in Account Suspensions and an abuse fee of 250 USD may be charged.

5 e. If the reported email message was solicited, we will require customer to produce the full details of subscription and confirmation information for the complainant's address. Dedidrive Networks also want customers to make sure that you use a double opt-in and double opt-out list. Customers also should provide us the confirmation email mail that was sent to the complainant to verify double opt-in and double opt-out.

6 f. Complaints related to "spamvertisements", also requires detailed reports, even if domain is directly not involved and should provide the steps to prevent further abuse.

2. Hacking

You agree that not to take part or promote any form of "hacking" or intruding to any Dedidrive Networks Website or any Dedidrive Networks clients' websites. You also agree that you will not use our network or server for any "hacking" or “intruding” to any third party servers or Websites.

3. Phishing/Spoofing

You agree that not to do or use our servers for “phishing”, “spoofing”, “Multi-level marketing” or any other illegal actions. Any such issues will result in immediate suspension/termination of service without any notice.

4. IP Addresses

You agree IP addresses assigned by Dedidrive Networks are the sole property of Dedidrive Networks. Clients cannot retain ownership rights to any IP address assigned by Dedidrive Networks. Any client who requires more than 8 IP’s will be required to submit ARIN justification form.

5. Blacklist

You agree that you will not perform any kind of actions which will result in an IP Blacklist, which includes spamming, bulk emailing, spoofing etc. Dedidrive Networks reserves the right to suspend or terminate services of any client who violate this policy. You also agree that you will not resell services from Dedidrive Networks to any individuals or organization listed in Spamhaus blacklist. Any violation of this policy will result in suspension/termination of service.

6. Software or Application updates

You agree to update the scripts or software which you use on your site. Website account which violates this policy will be responsible for any server compromise that happens due to the vulnerability in old scripts or software. Violation of this policy will result in immediate suspension/termination of the account.

7. Contents

You agree to host allowed and legal contents in your account. Dedidrive Networks will not monitor the content/data stored by its clients on its servers. Contents will only be reviewed upon abuse complaints. Dedidrive Networks will be the sole decider on the standard of content hosted on our servers in reference to local, state, national law or this AUP or the Terms of Service. Contents that do not meet these standards will be removed with/without prior notice to the subscriber.

Few examples of prohibited contents, software or links include (but not limited to): Warez Sites including linking, Torrent, Copyrighted contents or links ( music, movies, videos), IRC Software, Pirated software, Hacking sites/software, Bombers, Spam scripts, Escrow, HYIP or related sites, Investment sites, Brute Force software, Bank Debentures, Lottery Sites, terrorist contents.

8. Resource usage

You agree to follow Dedidrive Networks resource usage policy.

8 a. Shared Hosting Accounts:

Maximum CPU and Memory usage allowed for shared hosting account is 5% of system resources for not longer than 120 seconds. Run stand-alone scripts, server-side processes at any point of time on the server are not allowed. Run any type of web spider, participate in any file-sharing/peer-to-peer activities, and run any gaming servers are also not allowed. You also agree not to send more than 100 mails per hour and 250 per day from a single website account. Violating this policy after receiving three warning mails will receive in account suspension.

8. b. VPS Accounts

In case of over usage with a VPS account, three notifications will be send to your mail with over usage details depending upon the hardware node load, customers may need to upgrade the service on the third notification or may result in service suspension.

8 c. Bandwidth and Disk Usage

You agree that you shall not exceed the allocated bandwidth and Disk Space. You also agree that you will be responsible to pay the extra charges imposed by the management in case of over usage.

9. INODE Usage

DediDrive Networks provide 24/7/365 support for all the clients for all plans subscribed from us. We guarantee a 30 minutes response time for all support and sales queries. We strictly advise clients to contact us through our support helpdesk at We don’t guarantee response for any other methods used by our customers. Our customers can also contact us through live chat or phone, but they are strictly limited for sales and billing enquires, though urgent reboot requests will be processed through live chat or phone.

10. Proxy Servers

We do not allow proxy servers of any kind. Violation of this policy will result in immediate suspension/termination of the account.

11. System and Network Security

You agree that you will not attempt to violate System and Network Security implemented by Dedidrive Networks. Violations of system or network security may result in civil or criminal liability. Accessing unauthorized data, scanning or testing vulnerability of a system or network or to breach security or authentication measures without proper authorization, interfering service to any user, server, network, via means of flooding, bombing will be considered as violation of this policy. Violation of this policy will result in immediate suspension/termination of the account.

12. Adult Contents

You agree not to host any adult contents, including child Pornography. Any site found to host adult contents, child pornography or linking to child pornography will be suspended immediately without notice.

13. Legal Action

You agree not take any legal action against or on behalf of Dedidrive Networks. Any violation to this will result account suspension or termination.

14. Social Networking

You agree not to misbehave or abuse on another user or the website, in any social networking website pages, blogs, forums, online chat, and mailing list associated with Dedidrive Networks. Any violation to this will result account suspension.

15. Third Party Illegal Actions

You agree not to take part in any illegal action that may result in legal intervention against Dedidrive Networks.

16. Copyright

You agree not to infringe any copyright, trademark, or any property rights of Dedidrive Networks or any third party.

17. Law

You agree to not violate any laws, regulations, and requirements by any applicable district, state, local government or national government.

18. Property

You agree not to perform any action which is harmful to any property owned by Dedidrive Networks.

19. Use of Service

All services provided by Dedidrive Networks should be used for lawful purposes.

20. Collection of Information

You agree not to collect any information of any Dedidrive Networks employee or client without permission of Dedidrive Networks management.

21. Threatening

You agree not to threaten Dedidrive Networks employee or client under any circumstances.

22. Account Compromising

You will be the sole person who will be responsible for all actions performed by your account. It’s your responsibility to keep your login credentials for all accounts safe and secure and Dedidrive Networks will not have any responsibility over it. Any account/server compromise that happens due to misuse of your account details will result your account violating all policies in our Acceptable User Policy and Terms of Service.

By agreeing to these terms, you fully understand that Dedidrive Networks owns the right to take action if anything is inappropriate under this agreement. Dedidrive Networks may suspend/terminate your account with/without notification if a Dedidrive Networks employee found you have violated any of the rules above. This Policy may be amended at anytime without notification and will go into effect immediately. You will be responsible to read and check this policy regularly.